First Goal and Last Goal Betting - Effective Playing Details

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First Goal and Last Goal Betting - Effective Playing Details

Betting on the first goal or the last goal at reputable bookmakers always holds great allure for online football bettors. This type of bet allows individuals to wager on which team will score first or which team will score last in a match. Besides the possibility of a specific team scoring, a match could also end without any goals from either side. So, how does this type of betting work? Let's explore further with the number one bookmaker - wintips.

What are First Goal/Last Goal Bets?

First Goal Bet

The first goal or last goal bet is a type of football betting that determines which team will score first or last in a match. From the moment the referee blows the starting whistle, bookmakers may offer odds for one of the seven first or last goals.

If a player predicts and bets correctly on which team will score first, they win the bet. For those who bet on the team to score the last goal, the final result will be known when the final whistle blows. If the match result doesn't align with the player's prediction and bet, they lose the entire amount wagered. However, in the case of an own goal, the bet result will count for the other team.

In the list of odds at reputable bookmaker sites, first goal and last goal bets are represented by the following symbols:

HF: Indicates the home team will score the first goal.

HL: Indicates the home team will score the last goal.

AF: Indicates the away team will score the first goal.

AL: Indicates the away team will score the last goal.

No Goals: This means neither the home nor the away team scores any goals.

How to Read First/Last Goal Odds

First, players need to understand the formula for calculating winning bets in first/last goal betting at leading bookmakers as follows:

Winning Amount = Wager Amount * Odds of the first/last goal bet

Here's an illustrative example:

First Goal Bet

Example: In a match between Leganes Real Madrid, you bet on either the first goal or the last goal with an amount of $100. If Real Madrid scores first, and you bet on Real scoring the first goal, your winning amount would be $100 × 1.3 = $130. If you bet on Leganes to score the first goal, you would lose $100.

If the final score of the match is 3 – 1 in favor of Real Madrid Leganes scores the last goal. Whether you bet on Real scoring the first goal or the last goal, you win both bets.

If the score is 0 – 0 and a Leganes player scores an own goal, it will count as the first goal for Real Madrid.

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Tips for Betting on First/Last Goals

Because first goal and last goal bets are enticing with high winning odds, they always attract a large number of participants. The winning chances are quite high, requiring only a bit of time to accumulate experience in analysis and accurate prediction. Here are some useful tips:

Choose matches with clear differences

This is a tip for betting on first goals that experts often share. Choose matches between two teams with a clear strength/weakness difference. This way, you can easily determine which team has the highest likelihood of scoring the first goal.

Usually, the favored team will score first. There are exceptions where the weaker team scores first, but these are rare. Therefore, players should try this tactic with an appropriate betting amount for an enjoyable experience. However, do not bet without thoroughly researching both teams, as it may lead to incorrect judgments and losses.

Pay attention to key strikers

Find out which key strikers are in the team you're betting on. These players often score goals. Surely, there will be 1 to 3 prolific goal scorers in that team. Therefore, understanding the team's strikers is an essential factor for players to grasp the winning chance.

Top teams like Barcelona with prolific striker Messi have scored numerous goals. He is also known for providing beautiful assists to teammates.

Observe the playing style of the teams

Each team has its own playing style, which significantly influences goal scoring. Teams with an attacking style, highly regarded by experts, have a goal-scoring rate of up to 90%. Conversely, a team playing defensively and on the counter-attack finds it challenging to score goals. Therefore, carefully consider each team's playing style when participating in first or last goal betting.

Thus, information on first goal and last goal bets has been clarified in the above article by wintips. If you want to find a place to analyze odds and betting ratios more accurately, visit wintips to see the most accurate predictions and analyses!